Moving Traffic

If Baton Rouge is to reach its full potential, the traffic crisis in the Capital City must be addressed. Since taking office, Councilman Buddy Amoroso has made transportation a priority. When his first term began, O’Neal Lane was in the fourth year of a project that was slated to take only two years. He immediately worked with parish officials to get that project out of the rut it was in and get construction moving.

Councilman Amoroso has worked closely with Congressman Garret Graves and State Representative Steve Carter concerning federal and state roads in East Baton Rouge Parish. He has been actively involved in the I-110 corridor study, which will lead to necessary improvements in areas that seem to be the cause of many of our traffic problems—such as the Washington Street exit. This is imperative, because as all residents of Baton Rouge know, if the bridge stops, everything stops.

In District 8, he has met with local business owners and residents to gain their valuable input on minimizing adverse economic and safety impacts while expansion of Jones Creek Road and O’Neal Lane continues. As Councilman for District 8, Buddy Amoroso intends to continue his work within the parish to build a comprehensive plan aimed at fixing traffic in Baton Rouge.

Reducing Crime

Buddy Amoroso has worked with both law enforcement and homeowners’ associations to take on crime in the Capital City. Families need to feel safe in their homes and in their neighborhoods. Buddy Amoroso has been an integral part in organizing warrant sweeps designed to take those with outstanding arrest warrants off the street. Councilman Amoroso has been a strong advocate for body cameras on police officers, serving as a member of the East Baton Rouge Police Camera Committee. He also feels that increasing the pay for our law enforcement officers and first responders is of the utmost importance.

Growing Small Businesses

Having owned his own businesses, Buddy Amoroso is well aware of the problems small business ownersfaces. He has stood against harsh regulations, and advocated for a simpler, streamlined permit process, especially building permits. His goal is to see the application process for these permits moved online, freeing employees to issue these permits in a timely manner. Councilman Amoroso has worked closely with building contractors and the various associations that represent them, allowing him to see how a more streamlined process would be beneficial to Baton Rouge.

Prioritizing Government Spending

Buddy Amoroso has long advocated for taxpayers, feeling that the citizens of East Baton Rouge are over-taxed. He was a founding member of Tax Busters, and desires to see each dollar used in the most efficient manner. Time and again he has voted against rolling forward taxes, seeing them as an unjust tax levied on a public that did not receive a vote. He has fought against taxes that he thought were wasteful, such as the downtown library. He will continue to be a voice for the taxpayer as both a councilman and a citizen.